Seafood cuisine with passion and tradition

Fish dishes of the best quality

A family history, made of traditions and love for fish.

The cuisine of our restaurant in the province of Como specializes in sea fish dishes, paying the utmost attention to its freshness and the very high quality of the raw materials used to create extremely pleasant dishes, rich in tastes and flavors, an expression of mature gastronomic intelligence.

The careful choice of fresh fish allows us to offer our customers a selection of raw fish, to express all the art of our cuisine, able to satisfy the palate and imagination.


Seafood specialties according to seasoning

The tradition of the Amalfi Coast can also be savored in the province of Como, in our restaurant in Capiago, specializing in seafood dishes.

Our cuisine not only revisits the dishes of the ancient Amalfi and Mediterranean seafaring tradition in a modern key, but with particular attention to the freshness and authenticity of the raw materials and following the changing seasons, it also offers dishes of different origins, such as the fine moeche, a typical product of the Venetian lagoon, usually difficult to find outside the Veneto region.



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