The story begins in 1977 when mamma Rosa baked homemade bread in her wood-fired oven jealously guarded in the family tavern.
At that time she baked pizzas, biscuits and cakes for friends and relatives.

In 1979 Rosa began her adventure with the signboard "Pizzeria Da Rosa", in that small apartment adapted with so much passion to accommodate just about 50 people.

Mamma Rosa, as everyone called her, made pizzas and a few other dishes according to traditional recipes of the Amalfi coast.

After years of sacrifices, with great passion in 1992, Rosa and her four older children completely renovated the place bringing it to a capacity of 100 seats: Roberto joined his mother Rosa in the kitchen, Pietro makes pizzas, Stefano and Luca serve in the restaurant.

Over the years needs are refined and the kitchen specializes in fish according to the best Mediterranean traditions.

On June 18, 2004, Rosa and her 4 children realize their dream of inaugurating the "RISTORANTE PIZZERIA DA ROSA", a place studied in detail after so many years of experience.

And, respecting the tradition, they continue to cook dishes with the intention of conveying the generous and lively soul of their family passion.


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