New Year's Eve takeaway, a special dinner where your heart takes you

Celebrate the arrival of the New Year with a touch of elegance thanks to our exclusive New Year's Eve takeaway menus. Once again this year, DaRosa, our restaurant in the province of Como, offers you the opportunity to order a New Year's Eve dinner to delight the palates of your loved ones right at home or anywhere you wish.

Choose from two irresistible menu options, one inspired by the sea and one by the land, both designed to satisfy the most refined tastes. CLICK HERE to reserve your menu by December 29!

The menus are offered in their entirety and are not customizable. To ensure the highest quality, some courses will be provided ready-to-cook, with detailed instructions from our Chef for perfect preparation!

You will be able to pick up your delicacy on New Year's Day at our restaurant in Intimiano in the province of Como, Via Fiume, 19 , from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Make the start of the New Year an unforgettable experience with DaRosa's authentic taste!

Reservations are required with a deposit of €25.00 per person.

Seafood menu

Octopus salad with puntarelle

Cuttlefish white with fennel and oranges

Carpaccio of swordfish and marinated anchovies

Smoked salmon with arugula and goat cheese

Scallop gratin

Fresh pasta cannelloni with amberjack, friarielli
and Mediterranean-style sauce

Catalan-style half lobster

Cotechino "Casale Roccolo" with lentils

White chocolate bavarois, matcha tea,
creamy yuzu and mango compote

€ 58.00 per person



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