Christmas flavors in your home: takeaway menu

Give your Christmas a touch of sophistication with our exclusive takeout menus. Once again this year DaRosa offers you the chance to order Christmas lunch to delight your loved ones' palates right from home or wherever you want.
You can choose from two irresistible menu options, one dedicated to the sea and one to the land. CLICK HERE to order your menu by December 22!

The menus are offered in their entirety and are not customizable. In addition, to elevate their quality, some courses will be provided ready-to-cook, to be executed following the directions written by our Chef!

You will be able to pick up your delicacy on Christmas Day at our restaurant in Intimiano in the province of Como, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

Make your Christmas unforgettable with the authentic taste of DaRosa!

Reservation required with down payment of €20.00 per person.

Below are the two menus:


Catalan octopus, cuttlefish with puntarelle, marinated anchovies and swordfish, smoked salmon with arugula and goat cheese, shrimp au gratin

Fresh pasta lasagna with squid, shrimp, veracious clams and artichokes

Sea bass in a spiced bread crust on repassed friarielli and sea urchin sauce

Tronchetto with hazelnut cream, dark chocolate mousse and passion fruit gelèe

€ 48.00 per person


Culatello di Zibello DOP Oro Spigaroli, Osteria Marco d'Oggiono salami, Mamma Rosa stuffed artichoke

Fresh pasta cannelloni with sausage, friarielli and smoked scamorza cheese

Veal cheek with porcini mushrooms on a medallion of polenta

Tronchetto with hazelnut cream, dark chocolate mousse and passion fruit gelèe

€48.00 per person



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